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A Current Affair, Channel 9, 28 September 2010
Bargain Glasses
Over nine million Australians wear glasses and every year we spend more than $1bn on new ones – no wonder the budget retailers have got their sights on this video

The Age, 24 September 2010
Optometrists future blurred as more buy glasses online, by Daniella Miletic
To online retailers, Rachel Wilson and Edmond Washington represent the growing confidence among consumers to purchase more than just their books online, but for Australian optometrists they may represent a threat to future revenue..... view article text version

A Current Affair, Channel 9
Robbed Blind, Reporter: David Eccleston
Over nine million Australians wear prescription glasses, splashing out about $1bn a year on new frames and lenses but those designer frames can cost a small fortune and in this special investigation we expose a massive price fixing video

MyBusiness magazine
An eye on the market, by Nicola Card
Optical e-tailer GlassesOnline has weathered more than a few storms attempting to dock in the competitive prescription glasses market, but founder and Managing Director Kevin Reece remains steadfast in his resolve to supply cut-price glasses.....view article text version

BRW magazine
Ever wondered why a pair of reading glasses can cost as much as a mountain bike? The answer, according to Kevin Reece, the entrepreneur behind prescription glasses e-tailer GlassesOnline, is not so much in high-tech materials and expensive engineering, but the huge margins in an optical dispensers' market dominated by a few big players.....view article text version


Courier Mail

Resourceful visionary, by Josh Robertson
Some small business owners seek to master the arcane, technical area of Google and website development; others prefer to outsource and concentrate on core business. Optical e-tailer GlassesOnline’s managing director Kevin Reece has.....view article text version

Channel 7, 15 June 2007 
Buying glasses online, Reporter: Adene Paykel
Buying a new pair of reading glasses every time your prescription changes is similar to making a long term investment. With consumers forking out hundreds of dollars for a new pair, could optometrists be pulling the wool over our eyes when it comes to price? video text version

Daily Telegraph
Bargain specs raise hackles, by Joanna Tovia
Optometrists aren’t happy about it but for those who shudder at the cost of buying a new set of specs, the emergence of an online retailer offering substantial discounts is nothing but good news......view article text version

Financial Review (AFR)
A Visionary Upstart, by Damien Lynch
An entrepreneur has caused a stir in the prescription glasses market and sparked debate about the costs and......view article text version

Rag Trader
Optical etailer sparks price war, by Melissa Gulbin
Start-up brand GlassesOnline has shone the spotlight on optical retailers, illuminating overblown price points by slashing the price of designer eyewear.....view article text version

Sunday Telegraph
Body & Soul section
The last time I bought a pair of prescription glasses it set me back a small fortune. If you're looking to save money on your next pair of specs.....view article text version

Sydney Morning Herald (SMH)
Icon section
New glasses can cost up to $300 or more but this site.....view article text version

Cheap specs netted online, by Louise Pemble, Sunday Times
Perth people are buying prescription glasses over the internet for as little as $65.....view article text version

Daily Telegraph
Robbing you blind for a pair of glasses, by Darren Behar
Glasses wearers are being stung for hundreds of dollars by opticians charging massive mark-ups.....view article text version